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V!BES enlivens laidback, reggae pop with rock freedom and hip hop swagger. The foursome’s fun fusion surfs across coastal melodies, splashing in the refreshing, ska punk sound that modern music misses. Rolling percussion and guitar-driven grooves provide the good times the band’s name promises. With an audibly vibrant love for life resonating through every lyric, V!BES brings the beach to Columbus.

The group calls upon an eclectic musical background to drive their distinct charisma. Centered around a style the boys refer to as “beach-pop freshness”, V!BES infuses familiarity with impulse; placidity with spark; boastfulness with heart. The collective result is enjoyably twisted.

To complete their latest single, V!BES enlisted the direction of accomplished industry creatives. Eddie Ashworth, whose engineering expertise spans Sublime, Slightly Stoopid and more, produced “Against the Waves,” released in June 2016. Wharff and company entrusted Oasis Mastering with setting the song in place. The L.A.-based studio boasts clientele such as Kanye West, Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding and Lady Gaga.

The track’s a peek into paradise, reminiscent of Jack Johnson’s sand-covered serenades, Sublime’s jaunty rhythms and Dirty Heads’ storytelling alternative. An enticing musical progression preserves the melodic bounce fans have come to love while nudging resting rhythm into blissful bohemia. “Against the Waves” is a vacation for the ears.

Good times always in mind, V!BES invites you to listen in and feel the love.

More About Your Boys


Brandon 'The Hess Man' Hess

The Hess Man - Drummer

From Columbus Ohio Brandon Hess was born a drummer but couldn’t reach the cymbals on the drum set until he was about 2 . So technically he started playing drums at 2. While drumming on everything he could and basically getting caught in an A.D.D rhythm filled daydream every other 5 minutes throughout his childhood. After 20 years Hess has successfully fused those styles together to create a unique sound that stands out. While drumming for V!bes Hess currently resides in an arctic trundra of snare drums and cymbals where mere mortals can’t fathom his freakishly on point rhythms. Through this he has reluctantly earned his nickname Hesskimo.

  • Favorite food : Meat and Taters
  • Favorite Color : Green
  • Favorite Sports team : The Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team
  • Favorite Song: Anything by Mariah Carey

Kevin 'The Saylor' Wharff

The Saylor - Vox/Guitar/Ukulele

Hailing from the First Settlement of the Northwest Territory, The Saylor is the front man with the plan. He has been writing, crooning and rapping songs for longer than he can remember taking inspiration from all genres of music. With heros like Boyz II Men, Prince, The Beatles, MJ and Lil Wayne, it's tough to know what the next song he writes is going to sound like. Whether he is rapping about hashtags or strumming a country love song, he is an entertainer in the truest sense.

  • Favorite Food: Pizza and Tacos
  • Favorite Band: The Strokes
  • Favorite Song: Mambo #5
  • Favorite Instrument: Ukulele

Mitch 'The Hammer' Ammar

The Hammer - Bass

Hitting the hits and laying the grooves, Mitch Horn has been fingering the bass since 2002. He first came on the scene in Columbus, OH playing bars and popular venues. Years later he ventured to Los Angeles, CA where he played the sunset strip and pursued a career in recording and live entertainment. After being accepted into Scripps College of Communications at Ohio University for audio production, Mitch journeyed back to Ohio and continued his pursuit of making hit records. Upon graduation and the reincarnation of V!bes, previously named The Hitmen, Mitch has a dogged focus towards the future. “Bass is the medium between the rhythm and the melody. I’d like to think it’s the most essential element of a rock song.” The Hammar, the Bull or That Doggy as friends and foe know him, makes a point of consolidating a technique that incorporates his multitude of bass influences including: Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Roger Waters, Jack Bruce, Noel Redding, Larry Graham, Phil Lesh, John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler, Ian Hill, Steve Harris, Phil Lynott, Geddy Lee, Cliff Burton, Mike Starr, Robert DeLeo, Flea, P-Nut, Colin Greenwood, Sting, Charles Mingus, Aston Barrett, Klaus Voorman, Nathan East, and Tal Wilkenfeld. Mitch leaves you with this thought; respect the art of bass. Be cool, be fresh… survibe. Go Bucks.

  • Favorite pastime: Taking long walks on the beach
  • Favorite school subject: Gym
  • Favorite food: Popcorn
  • Favorite bass: Rickenbacker 4001

Danny 'Danzel' Mareco

Danzel - Guitar

Born in Baltimore, made in Ohio. As an admitted gear-head, his quest for the perfect sound is only matched by his need to bring rock and good V!bes to the masses. Influenced by the likes of Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Tim Mahoney (311) and Mike Einziger (Incubus) his approach is both melodic and raw, creating his own style he calls, "Ambient Shredding". Having been on several national tours Danny brings a solid road-ready foundation to V!bes that he says, "Will keep the party going all night long.

  • Favorite Movie - Die Hard
  • Favorite Superhero - Batman
  • Favorite CraftBrew - Noda Brewing Hop Drop N' Roll
  • Favorite Pedal - Strymon TimeLine Delay

Our EP

Buyin' Big
Our New LP 'Buyin' Big

Buyin' Big

We set out to make summertime bangers and this is what we came up with.

  1. Beatocide 03:13
  2. Mine 03:11
  3. Good to Me 03:58
  4. Lovin' 03:32
  5. Internet Talk 05:05


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